8:12pm February 27, 2013

Wrote to Dreamworks

After reading the reviews for DWA’s quarter being very disappointing despite the 302.1mil that ROTG pulled in the last quarter worldwide. Nothing has been solidified, even whether or not ROTG is staying or being canned…

So I wrote my comment, I hope you guys join me because if we want more, we have to say so. We can’t rely on one person alone, and because of various problems like illegal downloads has seriously hurt the chances, its the least we can do. Seriously, ten mins for a comment which can be done at:

If you need ideas, here’s what I wrote:

To Whom it may concern,

I was just writing to say how I feel about the latest release from Dreamworks; “Rise of the Guardians” and how much myself and my friends and family who saw it, loved it.

It can be easily said, that impressive graphics and animation can make up for lack of storyline and character depth. For most of today’s children movie genre you will find for the unnecessary sake of a child’s mind, storylines have been dumbed-down and characters depth seems almost optional. Thus neglecting the unlucky parents and/or older siblings that have been dragged along to supervise. You might also find that such films are heavy with animation and ‘dazzling 3D effects’ which will hopefully distract the children for questioning the lack of story.

For this latest film, which I am more than grateful to say, was not one of these films.

While I’ll admit I went and saw this in 3D, it was only an added bonus to the storyline and beautiful animation (which as an artist, I can’t ignore) and despite the different generations of people I went to the cinema with, all them were touched by this story.  In fact, shortly after leaving the cinema, I happened to see a bunch of children playing, one flapping arms furiously and another with a stick in hand. Quite seriously it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen, until I heard the one with a stick yell to the other calling her “Baby tooth” that it truly made me smile.

With much of today’s youth with noses behind Iphones or Ipads, it’s really nice seeing children actually play like that. Though it seems stupid, I do feel that some of the magic I was lucky to grow up with, has been mislaid with the next generation as it is ‘uncool’ to believe in such things like the ‘Tooth fairy’, ‘Santa Claus’ , ‘Easter Bunny’ or ‘Sandman’. And though Mr. Ramsey may not have portrayed them quite like I remember, he was right to do so as this generation needed a little Wow-factor in order to grab their attention.  

So I digress, my family, friends, collegues and myself loved this movie, and would hate to see it put in a back log of the rubbish movies I mentioned earlier as this one is a Diamond.  As proved by the insanley huge fan-bases on facebook, tumblr, and deviantart just to name a few. Also spawning a deep love for the aptly named series, “The Guardians of Childhood” books by William Joyce of which the movie was based.

So I’m writing to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you. This movie brought back some of the old movie magic, crafted with beautiful characters, morals, excellent animation and art. (Which I was so besotted by, I bought the official artbook) This was a real movie and what the talent of storytelling is all about.

Though I am aware due to poor promoting, timing of release and possibly a mix-up with that owl movie a few years back, the numbers for this movie were not as expected, nor what the movie truly deserved. Though I hope by the final quarter it will reflect even a slither of what this movie is capable of doing, engineering belief in a child which, in times like these, really is priceless. Hopefully this will be reflected in the DVD sales on the 12th proving how much the millions of fans and myself would adore a sequel as these characters have so much more to offer today’s audience.  I will be buying the DVD nonetheless for the generations after me who might turn around and say believing is ‘uncool’ just to prove them wrong.

So again thank you, I felt so strongly I felt I had to write and comment. This was the best thing I have seen in years and despite myself no longer being a child on the outside, made my inner child happier than anything else.  I’m sure many others now and in the future will feel the same, please do not write the Guardians off as they are timeless as the characters I grew up believing.

Thank you for your time

Sincerely and forever a believer,

(*Bleeped Name here*)

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